Protecting Staff from Infection with a Door Entry System

Preventing unauthorised access to your building is essential for the health and safety of your workforce. Failing to secure your business premises properly could result in theft, hazardous accidents, or result in the continued spread of the virus. With our intelligent door entry system you can reduce the risk of this: – Temporarily Remove Access Rights […]

Staff Scheduling Made Easy with Permatek

  Covid-19 has led to increased absence rates across the workplace and employers need to adapt to the challenges posed. Home Working, Flexible Working and Staggered Shifts are required to keep staff safe. If you’re using an excel spreadsheet to plan employee schedules  or a free scheduling app you will be finding that it still leaves […]

small business clocking in system

Time and Attendance Systems for Small Businesses

Time and attendance systems for small businesses are like a good accountant………….. Choose the right one and they pay for themselves. Time and Attendance systems can save businesses lots of time and money when implemented correctly. Here are 4 key tests (RAMS) you should use when looking at time and attendance systems for small businesses:- Reliable […]

How fingerprint time and attendance works

How do Fingerprint Scanners Work?

 Fingerprint Scanners only store several unique points of the fingerprint. The remainder of the fingerprint is not stored which means that no actual fingerprint is stored.  An algorithm unique to the specific fingerprint scanner is able to recognise these unique points and identify the user. These algorithms are unique to each model/brand of reader and cannot […]