Absence Management System

Absence Management System

Integrated Employee Holiday and Absence Management System. Track Entitlements and Excess Absence data

As equally important as managing employee working time is managing absenteeism, there is a direct impact on productivity from excessive or unexpected absence. Being able to control as much as possible, spot trends and react can help minimise this impact. This is where our Absence Management System comes in.

Absence and Holiday Management is included in our Proximity, Biometric or Flexi Time and Attendance Systems as standard.

What does the Absence and Holiday Management system give you

Absence Types

  • Record Planned and Unplanned Absence
  • Differentiate between Paid and Unpaid Absences
  • Record Holidays – Days, Half Days, Hours or Accruals
  • Personal – Record absences for Personal Reasons and restrict who has access to this information
  • Appointments – Track Doctors, Dentist or Hospital appointments and record Work Based out of office appointments


Manage Entitlements

  • Holidays – Track and manage employee holiday entitlements. No more Overbooking of holidays
  • Customisable Holiday years – whether you run Jan – Dec or April – March the system is configured to your requirements.
  • Sickness – Enforce any company policies for paid sick days
  • Part Day Absences – Enforce Company policies such as only first 2 hours of Medical Appointments are paid

Our Absence Management System has in built monitoring of entitlements can help ensure no overbooking occurs, can help ensure employees use up their entitlements (no rush at the end of the year to take holiday or increased wage bill to pay off remaining entitlements) and company policies are adhered to with no manual intervention required.

Absences and Violations

  • Easily identify employee working time violations
  • Lateness
  • Excessive lunch breaks
  • Forgotten Clockings

Being able to see these exceptions as they happen can help get ahead of issues such as repeated lateness or extra lunch.


Readily available reports for any type of absence within the system, for any employee and for whatever date range you specify.

  • Holidays Remaining
  • Employee Holiday Cards
  • Sickness Summaries
  • Lateness monitoring
  • Departmental Summaries


Enhance the Absence Management system further with Working Time Directive reporting, Automated Email Reporting and the Employee Absence Request Module

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