Manufacturing & Production

With often multiple shift patterns and rules, a variety of pay rates and an increasing emphasis on health and safety and security Time and Attendance has a big part to play . Our Time and Attendance Systems are providing a range of manufacturing and production businesses with host of benefits which are tailored to the unique problems and requirements they encountered.

Do any of the following sound familiar in your company?

  • Multiple shifts or 24 Hour Operations?
  • Difficulty tracking Presence / absence from site?
  • Excessive administration time dealing with clockcards\timesheets\payroll
  • Multiple rates, premiums, bonuses for different employees?
  • Difficulty managing and reporting Overtime costs?

Multiple Shifts – 24/7 Operation

By understanding your operations we invest the time both pre and post installation configuring your Clocking in system to match the working rules you use. Shift Rota’s are configured to meet each employee’s rules and patterns to ensure accurate calculation.​

Automatic and intelligent rules adapt on an adhoc basis to cope with spur of the moment changes in shifts with little or no intervention required.​i.e the employee who is suddenly asked to do the 14:00 – 22:00 rather than their usual 06:00 – 14:00 – Our Clocking In System will automatically apply the new rules with no user input. Even better if you have different premiums to work out

Health & Safety – Presence Reporting

With employee clocking in data collected in real time and passed directly to the software for calculation any user of the Time and Attendance System will have a constant up to the minute view of each employee’s attendance or absence​In the event of an alarm 1 button can send automatic reports to various printers such as Evacuation Points ready for collection.

​Historic data is available at the click of the mouse to report on presence issues during previous incidents or time frames.Automatic reports for working hours are available for instance in relation to the Working Time Directive (EWTD), so you can easily monitor any breaches or possible future issues.

Overtime Costs

There is often no escaping the requirement for overtime and usually it is a good sign that the business is busy, or a deadline is approaching. There are occasions though were overtime can be attributed to employee’s having to cover absent colleagues.​Our Clocking In Systems can help mitigate inflating overtime costs by providing a quick, simple interface for shift and resource planning helping you get the right staffing levels.

With integrated absence management it can provide you with critical information prior to the event i.e highlighting a potential under staffing on a department.​Where overtime can not be avoided our solutions will provide an accurate and true reflection of the hours that were worked.

Excessive Admin Time

By configuring the Clocking In System to meet your needs we will be able to provide you with the information you need when you need it. From a straightforward calculation of hours and overtime worked ready to be input to payroll, to holiday entitlement management and all the way up to management analysis such as lateness patterns or departmental overtime analysis.

​With the minimum amount of fuss the data is ready for use, when you need it to be, in the format you need it to be.Our target is always to reduce your current Admin time for Time and Attendance by 80%


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