Working 9-5, not a way to make a livin’..

We all know the famous Dolly Parton song, Working 9-5, I am sure most of us listen to it on a Monday morning, to give us that feel- good motivation for the week. However, in the ever-changing world and the new ways of working that COVID-19 has forced employers to introduce, working 9-5 does not […]

Flexible Furlough: Everything You Need to Know

From 1 July, the Chancellor’s new changes to the Job Retention Scheme came into effect, allowing employers to bring back employees on part-time hours, known as the ‘Flexible Furlough Scheme’. This new scheme helps businesses get back on to their feet after the Coronavirus pandemic which shook the economy, helps ease employees back into work […]

A Brand New Face joins Permatek!

With Permatek continuing to grow year on year we are delighted to welcome our new Business Administrator, Rebecca Clark, to the Permatek Team. Rebecca, or Becca as she prefers, will be involved in several areas of the Permatek Business and our end users will more than likely find themselves speaking with her at some point. […]

Protecting Staff from Infection with a Door Entry System

Preventing unauthorised access to your building is essential for the health and safety of your workforce. Failing to secure your business premises properly could result in theft, hazardous accidents, or result in the continued spread of the virus. With our intelligent door entry system you can reduce the risk of this: – Temporarily Remove Access Rights […]

Staff Scheduling Made Easy with Permatek

  Covid-19 has led to increased absence rates across the workplace and employers need to adapt to the challenges posed. Home Working, Flexible Working and Staggered Shifts are required to keep staff safe. If you’re using an excel spreadsheet to plan employee schedules  or a free scheduling app you will be finding that it still leaves […]

Working Safely Coronavirus

Social Distancing in the Workplace after Lockdown

Following the Prime Ministers statement, we are seeing the first tentative steps of the UK plans to ease restrictions. People are now being ‘actively encouraged’ to go back to work in situations where they are unable to continue working from home.  Many business sectors, however, such as hospitality and leisure will not be seeing any […]

Flexitime Home Working

Introducing Flexitime for Staff Working From Home

Flexitime Home Working The working day can look a lot different for employees working from home, especially during the current lockdown period. No longer is there a daily commute to worry about, other than maybe a traffic jam in the hallway, or finding a parking space on the dining table for your laptop in-between the […]

Staff Holiday entitlement – Coronavirus Outbreak

With the nation now effectively locked down and many businesses being forced to close their doors they are finding themselves having to find answers to seemingly never ending questions in an incredibly fast moving, and unprecedented situation. I’m sure many of us could do with a holiday right about now, and there may have been […]