Flexible Working Practices

4 Common Flexible Working Practices For Your Business

As flexible working is set to become the norm within organisations across the UK we have found that many businesses aren’t fully aware of the types of flexible working practices available to them. The variety available gives options and benefits to both employees and employers in all industries Here we seek to give a little […]

small business clocking in system

Time and Attendance Systems for Small Businesses

Time and attendance systems for small businesses are like a good accountant………….. Choose the right one and they pay for themselves. Time and Attendance systems can save businesses lots of time and money when implemented correctly. Here are 4 key tests (RAMS) you should use when looking at time and attendance systems for small businesses:- Reliable […]

What is the Bradford Factor?

What is the Bradford Factor? Essentially the Bradford Factor is a simple mathematical equation which allows businesses to calculate an absence score per employee. By applying a relative weighting to unplanned absences the Bradford Factor supports the principal that Shorter term, frequent absence has a much greater negative impact on a business compared to single […]

How do Fingerprint Scanners Work?

 Fingerprint Scanners only store several unique points of the fingerprint. The remainder of the fingerprint is not stored which means that no actual fingerprint is stored.  An algorithm unique to the specific fingerprint scanner is able to recognise these unique points and identify the user. These algorithms are unique to each model/brand of reader and cannot […]

Happy New Year! UK Public Holidays 2019

We hope everyone has had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas Break and we wish you all the very best for 2019. If you can’t wait for your next bit of time off, below you will find a list of the UK Public Holidays 2019 New Year’s Holiday: Wednesday 2nd January (Scotland only) St Patrick’s Day: Monday 18th […]

Permatek Staff Holidays

Staff Holidays – Practical Tips on Managing Them

Staff Holidays Staff holidays can be difficult to manage regardless of the size of your organisation. For small business having members of your team missing,  often at crucial times, be difficult to deal with. You may often find yourself required to arrange cover to minimise disruption. For larger organisations, with many more employees to consider, […]

6 Reasons To Update That Old Clock Card Machine

Clock Card Machine systems and Timesheets have been utilised as time recording methods in business for an incredibly long time. In fact many businesses are still utilising these traditional methods to capture and record their employee working times. However there comes a time when these just aren’t up to the job and are having an […]