Staff Holiday entitlement – Coronavirus Outbreak

With the nation now effectively locked down and many businesses being forced to close their doors they are finding themselves having to find answers to seemingly never ending questions in an incredibly fast moving, and unprecedented situation. I’m sure many of us could do with a holiday right about now, and there may have been […]

T&A and Calculating Payroll During Coronavirus Outbreak

As the Coronavirus outbreak deepens and the impact on businesses of all sizes starts to increase we would like to offer our thoughts, advice and assistance to customers worried about being able to calculate payroll from their Time and Attendance System in the event of staff absence.   With Self-isolation increasing and with today’s news […]

COVID 19 Coronavirus and Fingerprint devices

With the current COVID19 Coronavirus Pandemic we can understand there may be worries and concerns regarding having your staff continue to use the Fingerprint readers for your Time and Attendance and/or Access Control System. We would like to provide our current advice regarding their usage. In the first instance and as per the current NHS […]

Permatek Update – CORONAVIRUS COVID-19

Here at Permatek we are taking the spread of Coronavirus incredibly seriously, and are keeping up to date with all latest developments and guidance. We thought we would take the opportunity to keep you up to date with how we are reacting to the situation. The health and wellbeing of all our customers, end users […]

Flexible Working Practices

4 Common Flexible Working Practices For Your Business

As flexible working is set to become the norm within organisations across the UK we have found that many businesses aren’t fully aware of the types of flexible working practices available to them. The variety available gives options and benefits to both employees and employers in all industries Here we seek to give a little […]

small business clocking in system

Time and Attendance Systems for Small Businesses

Time and attendance systems for small businesses are like a good accountant………….. Choose the right one and they pay for themselves. Time and Attendance systems can save businesses lots of time and money when implemented correctly. Here are 4 key tests (RAMS) you should use when looking at time and attendance systems for small businesses:- Reliable […]

What is the Bradford Factor?

What is the Bradford Factor? Essentially the Bradford Factor is a simple mathematical equation which allows businesses to calculate an absence score per employee. By applying a relative weighting to unplanned absences the Bradford Factor supports the principal that Shorter term, frequent absence has a much greater negative impact on a business compared to single […]