Rostering and Scheduling System

calendar-1990453_1920Staff rostering and scheduling can be a time consuming and complex business, particularly in industries heavily influenced by seasonal or weekly fluctuations in demand such as healthcare or the hospitality sector.

A key requirement to successful resource planning is ensuring the right people with the right skills are in the right place at the right time.

Time&Space Rostering and Scheduling System is an excellent module to cater for exactly these requirement, offering a simple yet effective means to plan the working requirements of your business.

It offers a flexible, intuitive and interactive approach to staff planning and rostering through a graphical interface.

In short the module allows you to:

  • Priority matching of staff to demand based on skills, knowledge
  • Meeting of work demands based on departmental requirements
  • Managing workload of employees
  • Automatic flagging of any under / over staffing problems
  • Monitoring of constraints such as rest periods and overtime

Based on the above demands Roster will suggest the most suitable employees for a particular day or period, which will dramatically improve the time taken for planning.


AutoRoster is an advanced feature of the Roster module which automatically takes into account all of the above demand requirements plus

  • Ensuring a fair and even distribution of tasks to suitable employees
  • Consideration of requests by employees or management
  • Monthly Workload
  • Compliance with restrictions and rules
Benefits of Roster
  • Optimal rosters with given resources – better efficiency
  • Improvement in the efficiency and flexibility of your organisation
  • Reduction in administration time
  • Adherence to working regulations