Employee Self Service Kiosk

Secure Employee Access To their Working Time, Holiday and Absence Information with the Touch Screen Employee Self Service Kiosk.

The Employee Self Service kiosk gives your employees greater control and visibility of their own Time and Attendance. When clock cards and timesheets were the main method for recording employee working times, staff could always see the record in front of them, albeit just for the current week. Automatically recording arrivals and departures through Time and Attendance system can take away a little bit of that visibility, which can sometimes make staff wary of the hours used for payroll. As soon as they swipe or fingerprint their arrival and departure times they are very unlikely to see that information again

However a good time and attendance system can go further than just showing their weekly hours.

Using the Employee Self Service kiosk your staff can get access to their complete Time and Attendance record, for as far back as the system records go. It’s not just start and finish times either.


With Employee Self Service Kiosk your employees can:-



  • See their own clocking information for arrival and departure times, with an overview of calculated hours
  • See a Week by Week overview of worked times in graphical form
  • See their current shift plan, especially useful in rostering scenarios
  • See their absence record
  • See their Holiday information including booked, taken and remaining
  • View and Make a variety of requests to their managers such as Holiday, Absence or Shift Change
  • Access it all through an easy to follow, clear touch screen user interface


Employee Self Service Kiosk Login

Benefits of Employee Self Service Kiosk

Giving employees access to and visibility of their time and attendance record provides a host of benefits

  • Improved Morale – With visibility of the hours recorded, and the ability for staff to see where their pay has been calculated from
  • Improved Absence Records – Staff that can see their absence information are less likely to overbook
  • Reduced Paper trail – No need to print holiday forms or reports for employees
  • Improved Accuracy – Employee will be able to request any amendments or incorrect data, without payroll already having been processed.


How does the Employee Self Service Kiosk Work?

Employees can either access the system via the onsite touchscreen kiosk device or, as the module can be browser-based, it can be made available from any device with an internet connection.

Via the kiosk touchscreen employees use either their fob/card or fingerprint to access their own records.

Once logged in they have full, read-only access to their time and attendance data. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly overviews including absence records and holiday information.

The request module allows them to make requests to their line manager for holidays or ask for shift changes, overtime approval, or appointments. They can then track whether that request has been dealt with and whether it has been approved or rejected.

Once they have finished they can log out or after a set period of inactivity the system will auto log out ensuring GDPR is maintained.