Time and Attendance Systems

Looking for time and attendance systems to save time and effort in managing employee time and absence? Hoping to reduce the time it takes to prepare payroll and improve accuracy?

Our time and attendance systems are the complete solution for your employee time management requirements.

With integrated Working Time, Presence Indication, Absence Management, and reporting capabilities we are confident our solutions can cater to your specific requirements.

Benefits of our Time and Attendance Systems

Our distinct, and personalised, installation procedure ensures you can enjoy a host of benefits from your new Time and Attendance system immediately, including:-

  • Reduced administration time.
  • Consistency in calculation of hours throughout the business.
  • Improved accuracy in working time calculation.
  • Manage by exceptions – Only deal with employee hours which need attention (Clock cards need each one to be checked individually)
  • Reduction in time theft (only the correct employee can ‘clock in’, and the clocking is automatically time-stamped.

Time and Attendance Systems Calculation

Clocking method and Presence Indication

Utilising one of our market-leading data capture methods including card or fob proximity terminals, fingerprint Biometric terminal, PC desktop clocking, or via mobile device, employees record their arrival and departure in real-time.

There is no lag in waiting for the system to update – as soon as a ‘clocking’ is made the software is up to date.

As the system works in real-time you have an up to the minute view of who is and isn’t in. Great for presence Indication

Features of Our Time and Attendance Systems

Presence Indication

The system is ‘live’ so all data is collected instantly giving you a real-time view of which employees are present


  • Time of Entry and Exit
  • Location of Entry and Exit
  • Both Time and Access Events

Automated Hours Calculation

Using our expertise, we configure the software to your calculation needs. This means that each employee’s working time can be calculated with their own rules. No matter how complex your shift and working rules are, we are confident we can configure the system to automate the process.

Our solutions cover standard day shifts, Night shifts, rotating shifts, continental shifts and flexible working.

Not sure? Just ask – We are more than happy to take your call and discuss your requirements.

Permatek Time and Attendance Systems One Day View Large

Absence and Holiday Management

Exception Tracking


Having the information you require available when you need is a big advantage. Whether that be simple clock card type report, departmental summaries, lateness and absence reporting or Holiday Entitlement reporting.

With a simple report template generator creating your own reports is a quick, effortless task

All reports can be exported to Excel or PDF and emailed from the system.

It is also possible to schedule and automate the reporting process to save another task. Arrive at work to find the report you need waiting on the printer or sat in your inbox.



Variety of Clocking Options

Proximity Fob Clocking In Systems

Issue employees with a fob or ID card for them to record their working times and or gain access in and around your site.

Visit our Proximity Clocking in System page to learn more

Biometric Clocking In Systems

Employees are enrolled at the safe and secure fingerprint reader to register their working times or gain access in and around your premises

Visit our Biometric Clocking Systems page to learn more

Mobile Clocking In Systems

Employees use a web interface or mobile app to log their working time when away from the office. Great for remote or home workers


Our Other Workforce Management Modules

Payroll Link and Integration

Effortlessly send your calculated time and attendance data to your payroll system and remove the need to manually key in data. With vast capabilities, we can calculate any time-based premiums utilised in your organisation, This includes attendance bonuses, shift premiums or skill payments. Click on the link above to learn more.

Employee Self Service Kiosk

How often do you face questions from employees about their time and/or absence information such as holiday card? Put the information securely at their fingertips with the Permatek Self Service Kiosk. Here they have full view of their data and can even make requests to their line managers for absences or shift change requests.

Click on the link to learn more.

Staff Rota Scheduling

Ideal for any industry, but perfect for Hospitality and healthcare the Permatek Staff Rota Scheduling system makes light work of planning your teams working arrangements. With features such as highlighting over/under staffing issues and combining an absence plan there is no need to have multiple adaptable spreadsheets on the go. These plans can be effortlessly shared with your team too.

Click on the link to learn more

 Access Control System

Make an all in one system by controlling access to various doors or areas with the Permatek Access Control System using the same biometric method. Employees can be restricted by days or times to certain doors.

Click the link to learn more