Employee Self Service

Permatek Employee Absence Request ModuleEmployee Self Service gives your employees greater control and visibility of their own Time and Attendance. When clock cards and timesheets were the main method for recording employee working times, staff could always see the record in front of them, albeit just for the current week. Automatically recording arrivals and departures through Time and Attendance system can take away a little bit of that visibility, as soon as they swipe or finger print their arrival and departure times are sent off to the software.

However a good time and attendance system can go further than just showing their weekly hours.

Using Employee Self Service your staff can get access to their complete Time and Attendance record, for as far back as the system records go. It’s not just start and finish times either.

With Employee Self Service your employees can:-

  • show employees their weekly hours, including overtime.
  • show employees their current shift plan, especially useful in rostering scenarios
  • Show employees their absence record
  • Show employees their Holiday information including booked, taken and remaining
  • Access it all through an easy to follow and clear user interface


Employees would access the system on site. Logging on to a web page via their desktop pc or laptop, and for those not stationed at a desk they could use a kiosk pc in the canteen, or changing area.

Issued with unique logins each employee can only access the data, and it can be restricted to view only so no amendments can be made to the record.

Tie it in with the Employee Absence Request Module and employees are then able to make requests for changes to their hours, request holidays, shift changes or appointments.

Giving employees access to and visibility of their time and attendance record can improve morale, trust and lead to a more open working environment.