Holiday Request System

Web or Mobile Based Holiday Request System – no more lost holiday forms

The Permatek Holiday Request System enables your employees to make holiday and other requests from anywhere and completely paperless.

Historically, and still in many organisations, employees would tend to request absences such as Holidays via a paper request form, or even just ask their line manager. Their supervisor would then approve (or reject) this and enter it onto a wall planner, spreadsheet or manually insert the absence into the time and attendance system. This is fraught with issues such as:-

  • Paper forms going missing or getting damaged
  • Spreadsheets not being updated
  • Line manager forgetting to add to the planner, spreadsheet or system
  • Any of the above then causing issues with tracking employee holiday entitlement
  • Booking to many employees off at the same time and so on

The Time&Space Approval Workflow module offers a simple but very effective solution. Assisted by automatic emails it allows the request and subsequent approval (rejection) of a variety of work and absence related options such as

  • Full Day Absence (Holidays, Business Trip, Training etc)
  • Part Day Absence (Doctors Appointment, Parental Leave, Business Meeting etc)
  • Request for Approval of Overtime
  • Date Range Approvals (2 Weeks Holiday, Paternity\Maternity, Shift Change requests etc)
  • Clocking Requests (Employee requesting a forgotten clocking to be added)
  • Corrections

Holiday Request System Screen


Benefits of the Holiday Request System

  • Less paperwork and administration time
  • Faster flow of information
  • Fewer Delays
  • Transparency to Employees
  • Improved visibility when planning
  • Real time insight
  • Better Employee entitlement management


How the Holiday Request System Works

The employee makes the holiday request to their line manager or designated approver via a (internal) web page and their own login. Selecting a request, a date range and possibly adding some notes, their request is immediately sent to their line manager, both through the system and via email. The supervisor can accept\reject via email or through their own login, add some notes and the result is immediately sent back to the employee. If accepted the absence\request is added into the time and attendance system and relevant calendars.
Holiday Request System - Screenshot

Through their access each employee has a complete view of their absence request history, including accepted, rejected and pending requests. They can also be given certain privileges to cancel requests within certain customisable parameters.

There is no limitation to the number of requests that can be made

Holiday request System - Overview

For an on site demonstration or to discuss how our Holiday Request System can work for you, please get in touch to arrange a suitable time


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