kitchen-731351_1920t&ahospitalityWith a high dependency on a temporary, part time and casual workforce and with demand fluctuating on both a seasonal and weekly basis, Staff Planning is the key component when it comes to Clocking In Systems. Ensuring the right people are in the right places at the right time is crucial in ensuring the highest levels of service is maintained. Being able to react quickly and spot problems adds to this.

Do any of the following sound familiar in your Hospitality business?

  • Constant Staff Planning, with the need to adapt plans at very short notice?
  • A need to try and match labour with forecasts?
  • A need to know staff are in the right place at the right time?
  • Dealing with a highly flexible workforce and often high turnover of workers
  • Weekly payroll requirements


Staff Planning – Right People Right Time


With a simple to use interface and the ability to set skills and demands ahead of time our Auto Roster Clocking In Systems will effortlessly provide a plan ready for use.​Completely open for editing and manipulation you can then use this basis to create your final plan.​With colour indicators for potential under \ over staffing issues you will have real visibility for your departmental planning

 Demand & Wage Forecasting

With all planning in place, our Time and Attendance Systems are then able to report forecast hours of work and employee schedules. Combine this with hourly rates and you will soon have quick access to forecast wage spend

These scheduled reports can automatically be scheduled for management to ensure they have constant visibility of upcoming weeks.


Split Shifts

With a common occurrence of employees working split shifts or extended shifts, more often than not going past midnight, our Clocking in Systems automatically adjust their settings.​Therefore with no user input required you will have an accurately recorded working hours summary per employee.

Knowing who is on site and when

In order to maintain high levels of customer or guest service it is crucial that those employees that are scheduled to be in are.​With real time data collection users of the software will have a constant view of who is in and isn’t. This will make it easy to spot missing employees or shortfalls in departments meaning reaction can be made much swifter.