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The process of gathering employee time and attendance information has been conducted over the years for a variety of reasons such as health and safety, resource planning and absence management. However the number one use of this data is to directly influence, or supplement, payroll calculations.

The level and complexity of payroll calculations vary greatly from organisation to organisation. It may be a single shift and a little overtime scenario, or a full multi rate, multi premium, bonus type setup.

With Time&Space collecting the day to day data regarding employee time and attendance, the Spica payroll link (Payroll Integration Framework) module provides a platform between the Time and Space system and your payroll solution.

Connecting directly to the database, and accepting additional data entry, it calculates the raw data into payroll ready information such as the necessary overtime rate, any premiums such as attendance bonus, and holiday hours.

Payroll Link Software



  • Automatic calculation of worked hours into payment categories such as basic, Overtime Rate 1, Overtime Rate 2, Attendance, Deductions (unpaid absences) and Holidays
  • Inbuilt reports for checking
  • Multiple Export capabilities for payroll systems such as Sage or Iris Earnie
  • Improved accuracy of calculated hours
  • Reduced payroll costs
  • Record of historic data

An existing client, who had an older Time and Attendance system, used to take 3 days to calculate and run their monthly payroll. This is now down to 3 hours by utilising our Time and Attendance system and Payroll link.

As part of our installation procedure we will spend the time with you to understand the requirements and then configure the system for you. Over the next couple of payroll runs we then work with you to ensure the process is smooth and any tweaks can be ironed out.


To discuss how payroll link can work for, and benefit you, please get in touch and we would be happy to guide you through and provide you with examples of existing payroll links we have implemented.


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