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Flexible working is continuing to increase in popularity. The Time&Space FlexiTime Software helps you manage it with ease and minimal administration.


The Time&Space FlexiTime Software could be what you are looking for.

Flexible working practices are on the increase as more organisations seek to implement them as working time policies change.

There are a number of methods and means to introduce flexible working to your organisation, some of which you may already utilise and some of which you may have never heard of.


Flexi time gives the employee more control of their working day (start and finish times). There is usually a set core time when an employee should be present. Employees may work extra one day to leave early the next. A balance is usually required to keep track of current hours worked above or below plan.

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Annualised Hours

Employees are set a required number of hours to work over a year, and shifts are used to work these and reduce the outstanding balance. Particularly used in seasonal industries where busier periods require an increase in working time and visa versa.

Compressed Hours

Here an employee may work the standard hours but over a shorter timescale, .i.e working 40 hours over 4 days instead of 5.

Part Time

Employee is contracted to work fewer days.

Home Working

An employee is given provision to work from home, rather than a designated work place, for some or all of their expected working time.

With all of the above there needs to be some way of recording the hours that an employee has worked such as keeping track of their running flex balance, recording flex days, tracking annualised hours worked, and enabling the record of an employee having ‘clocked in’ from home.

Our FlexiTime Software caters for all of these scenarios and is configured to meet your requirements.

Employee Flexitime software

Easy to use and with real time data your employee flexible working is managed effectively. Whether it may be current flexi balances, flexi break times, part time shift plans or managing the annualised hours balances it is all controlled through the FlexiTime Software.

Employees can have access through the terminal to their flex balance so they always know where they are up to.

You can ensure all basic requirements are being achieved by your employees and ensuring that adequate flex days are being taken.

FlexiTime Software Dashboard

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