FlexiTime Software & Flexible Working Management

Flexible working is continuing to increase in popularity, especially in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. Most organisations found themselves forced into introducing either a home or a much more flexible, working scheme for their teams.  The forecast is that many will continue these schemes or accelerate their flexible working policies over the next few years. The Time&Space FlexiTime Software helps you manage these with ease and minimal administration.


Types of Flexible Working

There are a number of methods and means to introduce flexible working to your organisation, some of which you may already utilise and some of which you may have never heard of. The most common to aid flexibility and the increase in home working will be flexitime.


Types Of Flexible Working


Whichever method is used there needs to be some way of managing theme scheme and recording the hours that an employee has worked. Such as keeping track of their running flex balance, recording flex days, tracking annualised hours worked, or simply enabling the record of an employee having ‘clocked in’ from home.


Flexitime Software and Flexible Working Systems

Our FlexiTime Software caters for all of these scenarios and is configured by us to specifically meet your requirements. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements with you. offer suggestions and thoughts, and show how the system will manage and benefit your required schemes. Just give us a shout

Working Time Management

Easy to use and with real-time data your employee flexible working is managed effectively. Whether it may be current Flexi balances, Flexi break times, part-time shift plans, or managing the annualised hours balances, it is all controlled through the FlexiTime Software.

  • All flexible working methods are catered for
  • Minimal Administration of your policies. All calculations are automated to your requirements
  • Exceptions flagged as they happen
  • Easy to use Interface for managing Exceptions
  • Full Reporting Suite (Email, Excel and PDF)
  • PC or web-based options
  • Optional Payroll Integrations
  • Optional Absence Request and Approval Module

Employee Flexitime software


Employee Self Service

Employees can have access to their own time and absence data through a variety of options:-

  • At the point of recording attendance or departure at the onsite clocking point;
  • At the point of recording attendance or departure via the online web clocking portal;
  • Via their own personal Mobile App
  • Via the comprehensive Employee Self Service Infozone portal

For more information on Employee Self Service click here


Employee Flexible Time Management

With employees working more flexibly it is important you still retain accurate records of what they are working for a variety of reasons

  • Ensure Flexible Working Policy rules are being adhered to
  • Payroll Accuracy
  • Absence Management
  • Presence and Roll Call Indication

To complement the Flexible Working System we have a variety of time registration methods which you can utilise. It is even possible to combine methods to give the greatest control over time management

Permatek Fob Clocking In System

Proximity / Biometric Time Recorders

Issue your employees with a fob or keycard, or enrol them

to a biometric device such as Fingerprint or Facial Recognition.


Fully installed and configured for you, employees register their start and finish times when on site.

The system is live so events are updated immediately into the system giving you real time views and data on employee working times and presence

Web App Clocking Portal

Web Clocking System

Accessible from anywhere employees can record their start and finish times from their PC. This is ideal for those working from home as they can record their start and finish times as they fire up the laptop or PC.

Recording start times and showing current balances gives your employees the confidence in the accuracy of the data recorded on their working hours.

Usually, events would be differentiated from those recorded when working on-site so that you can quickly see as an administrator who is working and whether they are home, remote or working in the office

Mobile App Time Recorder

Mobile ClockingEmployees can record their start and finish times, make absence requests, or simply check their balance of hours via the Mobile Time App.

GPS tracks all time registrations when they are made so you know where and when a clocking was made

The system is live as long as there is signal. Where there isn’t all registrations are time-stamped and stored in the app, to be sent immediately signal or network returms






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