Skin Temperature Check and Contactless Clocking System

With the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, organisations in all sectors are doing what they can to remain COVID19 Secure and compliant. Ensuring the health and wellbeing of their staff and visitors, and operating as safely as possible, is a top priority.

Many would have already been recording Staff working times, but even more so now, it is important to know who has been on site at any point. Many systems require physical contact with something to do this.

Many will also be conducting checks, such as temperature readings, of both staff and visitors prior to allowing them on site.

Read on to see how our solutions can combine these, and save you time and worry.


Contactless Facial Recognition Clocking System

The Suprema FaceStation 2 is one of the most advanced facial recognition terminals in the world, providing unrivalled accuracy and speed when managing employee attendance and access.

Arrivals and Departures are sent directly to the Time and Space Time and Attendance system, for accurate and automated calculation of working hours and absence.

Read more about the modular aspect of the Time and Space Time and Attendance System using the menu above

Features including Holiday and Absence Management, Payroll Link, Employee Self Service and Rostering



Facial Recognition Clock Benefits

The Facestation 2 Device by Suprema has a host of benefits

High Speed Matching – FaceStation 2 provides the world’s fastest matching speed of up to 3,000 match/sec

Massive Memory Capacity – A single unit of FaceStation 2 can accommodate up to 30,000 users, 50,000 face image logs and 5,000,000 text logs.

Lightning Conditions – FaceStation 2 allows uninterrupted face recognition regardless of all possible indoor lighting conditions

Improved Ergonomics for Height Range – FaceStation 2 allows the greatest height range of 145cm ~ 210cm. With optional tilt-bracket, FaceStation 2 also accommodate wheelchaired persons and children.

Thermal Skin Temperature Camera

The Suprema Thermal Camera is used seamlessly in conjunction with the Suprema FaceStation devices, providing you with an all in one solution to detect users who have raised temperatures* BEFORE allowing them to clock in or gain entry.

Employee Skin Temperature Check Benefits

  • Enhance the processes you use to ensure you remain COVID secure and compliant
  • Protect your staff by ensuring no one is on-site with a raised temperature (a major symptom of Covid-19)
  • Remove the need for a dedicated member of staff to be taking employee/visitor temperatures
  • Automatic flags sent if an employee/visitor registers a temperature which breaches your set threshold





How The Thermal Camera Works

As the employee/visitor approaches the face scanner, the thermal skin temperature camera reads the skin temperature along the upper part of the face/forehead.

The temperature being recorded is displayed to the user on the facial scanners colour screen.

You can configure the temperature threshold at which point you deem the employee safe to enter.

If the displayed temperature is within this threshold then the employee is clocked in, or is permitted access.

If the displayed temperature exceeds the threshold the clocking is rejected, and access denied.

An email prompt, and system trigger, can be sent to relevant persons on site who can then head to the area for next actions.



*Disclaimer: Suprema products are not used to diagnose any medical conditions. Suprema thermal cameras can identify individuals with skin temperature higher than a preset figure but should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or exclude a diagnosis of COVID-19, or any other disease.