Biometric Time and Attendance System

Easy to Use, Safe, Secure and Reliable Biometric Time and Attendance System

A biometric time and attendance system is a perfect way to accurately manage employee attendance and control access into and around your premises. Using our latest solutions and market-leading biometric technology along with our personalised implementation, you’ll notice the benefits quickly.

Biometric Time and Attendance Systems utilise the unique biometric characteristics of an individual. Methods of data capture include fingerprint, finger vein, iris recognition, hand scan, or facial recognition. The reliability of these systems, particularly fingerprint, has improved significantly over the years, particularly recently,  and we are proud to be offering solutions from market leaders Spica International and Idemia.

Benefits of Biometric Time and Attendance Systems

  • Employees do not need to carry cards or Fobs around in the workplace
  • Removes the problem of employees forgetting or losing their cards\fobs
  • Removes any occurrence of ‘buddy clocking’ with employees clocking each other in or out
  • Only Fingerprint templates (code) are stored, and not actual fingerprints (employee security)
  • Security – Removes the risk from lost or stolen card (access control)
  • Improved technology now makes biometric devices suitable for many industries


How Biometric Time and Attendance Systems Work

The Time and Space Biometric Time and Attendance System is easy to use, reliable and secure with Employees being enrolled at one of the devices by an administrator (on new installations we assist with this).  Templates are securely distributed to other devices after enrolling employees.

The intelligent terminal can be used to register multiple events so an employee presenting their finger will either Arrive or Depart depending on if it is the first or second clocking, or they can select from a specified list of reasons using the touch screen interface. This can be used to specify Departure for Lunch, Departure for Appointments or for employees to look at their basic information such as remaining Holiday entitlement.

How fingerprint time and attendance works

Security of Biometric Time and Attendance System

The system does not record or store any biometric information which should ease any security concerns from employees. The reader is incredibly accurate and secure removing the issue of false reads. We have implemented systems where all employees are recording attendance through finger recognition alone, replacing systems that resulted in a mix of cards/fingerprints.

The device measures a number of distinct points within the fingerprint with an algorithm encrypting the result of the enrolment into a template.  The password-protected device stores the template which is simply a series of numbers. It is not possible to reverse engineer a template into a fingerprint image.

Regarding what is recorded and stored during fingerprint enrolment have a read of our blog post.


After Data Collection – Viewing, Editing and Managing the Time Records

Time and Attendance System Features

  • Time&Space time management modules provide real time information about presence and absence for all your employees. The intelligent and highly adaptive system has no limitations to the complexity of your requirements.
  • Handling configurations from simple one or two shift scenarios up to 24/7  multiple shift/team setups
  • Realtime data and calculations are visible through several user-friendly and intuitive screens.
  • Exception management of lateness or absence is quick and simple.
  • Completely adaptable, and unlimited, rules for start and finish times, planned hours, overtime, tolerance for lateness,#
  • A suite of standard reports, and an inbuilt easy to use report generator, means you have your employees data at your fingerprints. Users can print reports, export to Excel or email as attachments at the click of a button.

Read more about the Time and Space Time and Attendance system here

Our Other Workforce Management Modules

Payroll Link and Integration

Effortlessly send your calculated time and attendance data to your payroll system and remove the need to manually key in data. With vast capabilities, we can calculate any time-based premiums utilised in your organisation, This includes attendance bonuses, shift premiums or skill payments. Click on the link above to learn more.

Employee Self Service Kiosk

How often do you face questions from employees about their time and/or absence information such as holiday card? Put the information securely at their fingertips with the Permatek Self Service Kiosk. Here they have full view of their data and can even make requests to their line managers for absences or shift change requests.

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Staff Rota Scheduling

Ideal for any industry, but perfect for Hospitality and healthcare the Permatek Staff Rota Scheduling system makes light work of planning your teams working arrangements. With features such as highlighting over/under staffing issues and combining an absence plan there is no need to have multiple adaptable spreadsheets on the go. These plans can be effortlessly shared with your team too.

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 Access Control System

Make an all in one system by controlling access to various doors or areas with the Permatek Access Control System using the same biometric method. Employees can be restricted by days or times to certain doors.

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