Biometric Time and Attendance System

Easy to Use, Safe, Secure and Effective Biometric Time and Attendance System

The Time&Space biometric time and attendance system is a perfect way to accurately manage employee attendance and control access in and around your premises. Using our solutions with the latest and market leading biometric technology and our specialist and personalised implementation, you will notice the host of benefits in a short space of time

Biometric Time and Attendance Templates

Biometric Time and Attendance Systems utilise the unique biometric characteristics of an individual. Methods of data capture include fingerprint, finger vein, iris recognition, hand scan or facial recognition. The reliability of these systems, particularly fingerprint, has dramatically improved over the last few years and we are proud to be offering solutions from market leaders Spica International and Morpho.

They work by matching the biometric method of the employee ‘clocking in’ against a stored template to find a match. This happens almost instantaneously and there is no delay or waiting for this to happen. This is achieved via our professional enrolling services, included as part of all our installations

Benefits of Biometric Clocking Systems

  • Employees do not need to carry cards or Fobs around
  • Reduces the chance for forgotten cards\fobs
  • Removes any occurrence of ‘buddy clocking’
  • Only Fingerprint templates (code) are stored, and not actual fingerprints (employee security)
  • Removing risk from lost or stolen card (access control)
  • Improved technology now makes biometric devices suitable for many industries

Biometric Time and Attendance

The Time and Space Biometric solution is easy to use, reliable and secure. Employees are enrolled at the device and then quickly synchronised to any other devices they are enabled for. You only enrol each employee once (usually a finger on each hand), and then distribute the templates accordingly. A common concern is security and data protection, but as no biometric identifiable information is stored this is eliminated. Only algorithms which are created at enrolment are stored and when a finger is presented this algorithm is matched, almost instantly to find a match for the employee. The accuracy removes false reads, and at clients who used an older biometric system and had to resort to a mix of card use and fingerprints, we have all employees succesfully recording attendance through finger recognition alone.

Indeed one production manager admitted his impress as he watched 40 employees at the end of a shift all clock out without delay or misread.

Biometric Time and Attendance Morpho


The intelligent terminal can be used to register multiple events so an employee presenting their finger will either Arrive or Depart depending on if it is the first or second clocking, or they can select from a specified list of reasons using the touch screen interface. This can be used to specify Departure for Lunch, Departure for Appointments or can even be used to look at their basic information such as remaining Holiday entitlement.


The Time and Attendance System

Upon an employee successfully registering their arrival or departure the times are pulled into the Biometric Time and Attendance system in real time for calculation and processing.

Time&Space time management modules provide real time information about presence and absence for all your employees. The intelligent and highly adaptive system has no limitations to the complexity of your requirements, is not restricted to a certain rules and is capable of working over multiple sites and locations. Handling configurations from simple one or two shift scenarios up to 24/7  multiple shift/team setups, it removes the need for any manual calculation of your employee working and absence time.

Real time data and calculations are visible through a number of user friendly and intuitive screens which make the management of exceptions such as lateness, absence or overtime straightforward.

A suite of standard reports, and an inbuilt easy to use report generator, mean you have your employees data at your fingerprints and at the click of a button these can be printed, exported to Excel or PDF,or emailed as an attachment from the system.
Completely adaptable, and unlimited, rules for start and finish times, planned hours, overtime, tolerance for lateness,