Simple Clocking Systems

Are you using clockcards or timesheets to record your employee working time? Our simple Clocking Systems could be for you

Clocking systems have come in many guises over the years. Many organisations still utilise traditional time recording methods for their employees such as, timesheets, signing in books and clock card machines. These often do the basic task of recording an employee’s start and finish time but are fraught with issues.

  • Damaged or misplaced cards,
  • ink running out of print cartridges,
  • misprints often making the times illegible,
  • plus you still need to spend time adding up all these times into data for payroll.

Our Clocking In systems take away the manual administration, and effort, required for these methods.

How our Simple Clocking Systems work

Stage 1

With our real-time clocking systems employees register their arrival and departure times by swiping their individual card or fob against the Zone Button Clocking Terminal.

The time is recorded against the employee and sent to the software as it happens.

Stage 2

The Software automatically adds up the hours worked against your working rules or policies, so you know instantly how many hours each employee has worked.

Stage 3

An intuitive dashboard brings your attention to any discrepancies such as lateness or non-attendance, and with a quick and simple process to address these exceptions, you will begin to realise the true benefits behind our automated Simple Clocking In Systems in a very short space of time.

Stage 4

At the end of the working week, or payroll period, you are able to print a report off with a summary of each individual’s hours, ready to be added into your payroll system or sent, via email, to your payroll agency.

As time ticks on all of your data is stored and ready to be used as and when you need it without the need to go back through box after box of clockcards or timesheets.

As the clock is ‘live’ the system doubles as a presence indication tool giving you a realtime view of who is on-site at any moment.

Package includes:

  • Real-Time Clocking Terminal
  • Proximity Cards
  • Software License

Installation, Configuration and Training is included with all our clocking in systems. Start using your system immediately having left the setup to us.

Looking for a more in-depth system then please check out our full Time and Attendance System or Biometric systems.