Mobile Clocking In System


Spica Mobile Clocking In System is a smartphone app built for iOS and Android which allows employees / supervisors to carry out crucial daily actions via their mobile devices. Urgent actions can be completed any where and at any time.

Mobile Clocking In System for Employees

  • Clock (with location registered)
  • Make requests (absence, overtime approval)
  • Track request (holidays yet to be approved)
  • Track Entitlements such as Holiday
  • View their own Clocking history

Mobile Clocking In System Employee

With Mobile Time and Attendance for Employees your staff are empowered with their own time and attendance data at their fingertips whenever they need it. It gives them the ability to clock in via their smartphone. With Geolocation recorded for every event it can help ensure employees are where they are supposed to be, for instance a care worker can record arriving at a residence. It is a great tool for those employees who aren’t based at the main site such as drivers or remote workers.

Although employees can see their own time and attendance data they are not permitted to edit it, instead if they something amiss they have the option of making a request to their line manager through the app. They can then track the progress of this request too.

The Mobile Time and Attendance System gives them a complete overview of their holidays which removes the need for employees to request the information from line managers or HR.

Mobile Clocking In System Employees


Mobile Clocking In System for Managers

  • Real Time and attendance data
  • Up to date Absence information
  • Respond to requests
  • Approve Requests
  • Record attendance for a group of employees (great for building sites etc)

Mobile Clocking In System Businesses

Managing your teams Time and Attendance is not always possible of you aren’t permanently sat at your desk. The Mobile Time for Managers app allows them to perform some of the most common tasks wherever they are and at any time.

Through the app they can quickly see which employees are present or missing. They can see where any current violations may be such as lateness, view reports and see already calculated time and attendance information such as current overtime scenarios.

Current shift and rota plans along with potential conflicts such as absences and holidays are also displayed.

Via an option called ‘Group Clocking’ a site foreman or manager is able to record the attendance for his team in one go rather than one by one.

All of this information is updated to the system at head office in real time, so even those managers not at site can see employee presence or absence. All registrations are stored within the app should there not be sufficient mobile signal, with the system being updated when signal or network is restored.

Mobile Clocking In System Employers

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