Food & Beverage Production Clocking Systems

Food & Beverage Clocking Systems



Our Food Production Clocking Systems help businesses meet the demands of their clients\retailers. Yoru business likely has an enhanced importance on correct staffing levels, presence of staff expected on-site, and control of absenteeism. Particularly in perishable environments ensuring production levels are maintained by an optimum number of employees is crucial.

Do any of the following sound familiar in your Food and Beverage Production organisation.

  • Multiple shift patterns covering 24/7?
  • Multiple rates and premiums applicable to various employees and at various times
  • Needing to know who was in and when quickly
  • Presence Reporting – Who is in now and who is missing
  • Excessive administration time dealing with time and attendance.

Traceability – Knowing who worked and when

With increasing demand for traceability throughout the food chain, being able to accurately and swiftly pinpoint who was working, where and when is a big issue.​With archived information and the ability to search a date and time (and filter teams if needed), you will have instant access to who was working at the time you require.

Presence Indication

Reducing Admin time

With automatic Clocking In data collection and calculation based on your criteria, preparation of attendance and absence data for payroll can be reduced to minutes.​Removing the need for maintaining multiple systems, each doing a particular task can rapidly improve the efficiency when it comes to administration.

Controlling Overtime costs

With our Time and Attendance Systems configured to your needs you will gain accurate calculations of each employees working hour’s. No manual rounding up of times finished as you tend to find on time sheets, and no user intervention trying to apply the correct rules to each employee.​

By improving the shift and resource planning, and improving visibility of absenteeism we can at least give you the tools necessary to drive down excessive overtime through non-operational causes.

 Managing Shift Work

Our flexible solutions adapt to your individual needs – even if every single employee had their own rules. Occasion when employees work different shifts even in the space of a week are dealt with, without the need for time consuming user intervention.​Our Time and Attendance Systems do the work for you.​Employee’s assigned to the correct shifts reduces exceptions, and improves the accuracy of any premiums which need to be assigned, again offering huge time saving benefits.

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