All of our Time and Attendance packages include full installation as standard.

We take the time to understand your requirements and to guide you through how we can configure the system to give you exactly what you need.

You know your organisations rules and we know how to configure your new time and attendance system to achieve the best results. The last thing you want when installing a new Time and Attendance System is to then have to worry about installing and setting it up correctly, you want to be able to simply start using it.

Our installation procedures ensure this

System Installation

  • Clocking terminals are installed in pre-defined locations (network points and power to be provided by client)
  • Software and database will be installed on the designated PC.
  • Connection between software and clocking terminals will be tested
  • Software will be configured….

Full Shift and Working Time analysis.

  • Shifts – All Start and Finish times and associated patterns and rotas.
  • Tolerance – How many minutes grace before being flagged as ‘Late’.
  • Rounding – Do you pay to the minute or 15 minute blocks?
  • Overtime – At what point does overtime kick in. We configure the rules to automate this reducing admin and ensuring it is only generated at the right point.
  • Breaks – Unpaid or Paid Breaks? Employees Clock for breaks or auto deduct?
  • Night Rates/Premiums – All can be auto managed with the right settings
  • Flexi Rules – Balances and cutting points

Absence Management

  • Holiday counters – Days, Half Days, Hours, Hour Accruals
  • Sickness Reasons
  • Other Absences – Paid or Unpaid
  • Part Day Absences – Appointments etc


  • All standard reports will be setup and configured such as Hours Summaries, Holidays and Absences etc
  • If you have purchased Payroll integration, this will be configured

The aim of the above is so that once training is completed you will be able to start utilising the system immediately.

Post Install

Installation doesn’t necessarily end with the above. Until the system is under way it won’t be obvious that every requirement has been accounted for. In light of this you will receive full support post installation to ensure that all configurations are working correctly, and where required amendments and adjustments will be made.


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