With an importance on ensuring correct staffing levels in the right places Staff planning is of paramount importance. Whether it be Clinical or Non Clinical – departments can often contain a high number of employees on wide ranging rules and requirements. This can lead to a major task in ensuring all rules and regulations are adhere to when planning resources.the task of then calculating payroll becomes another headache due to the flexibility of working arrangements.

Do any of the following sound familiar in your Healthcare Organisation?

  • A need to manage and control wage costs?
  • Managing of temporary or Agency employees?
  • Fluid and flexible staff planning requirements based on skills and experience?
  • Excessive administration time in dealing with working time and absences?

Controlling High Wage costs

By tracking and recording employee clocking in events to the minute and applying all necessary rules to the calculation such as grace, or break time, our Time and Attendance Systems give you the tools to monitor and manage wage costs in real time.​With our Time systems it is easy to track areas were overtime spend is highest, indicating a potential shortfall in employee resources.

Simple, Effective Resource Planning

Simply enter your base demands and skills required and let our system automatically plan your workforce for you. Whether that be daily, weekly or monthly you will then have the control to approve the suggested plan or tweak to meet any further information you have.​Plan based on teams, departments or skills and enter any constraints that should be applied with planning i.e minimum of 12 hour break between shifts etc

Agency and Temporary Workforce

With complete and customisable grouping methods within our Clocking In Systems you can group employees together, even if that needs to be agency names. ​This will allow you to easily track spend with different agencies and track the use of an agency employee in particular, especially important with the new Agency Worker Regulations.