Access Control System

The Access Control System manages who can go where and at what times around your premises. For instance only IT and certain management can have access to the Server room, or certain employees can only access Stores between normal business hours.

Our Access Control system, using RFID or Biometric devices, are suitable for either single door management or multi-zone, multi-site, multi-time facilities.

Each employee, contractor, or visitor can be assigned an access profile (areas and time zones) and once they have been given a fob or enrolled into the biometric system, they will only be able to go through doors they have been authorised to.

Working in real-time this will give you a constant view of who has entered or exited the premises, or a particular area. With real-time reporting it’s perfect for health and safety and roll call purposes, as at any time you can see who last entered a specific area.

Benefits of an Access Control System

  • Increase security and control who can access the building.
  • Removes the need to maintain keys or keypad entry systems (renew codes)
  • Real-time view of who is entered a particular area.
  • Access via fob, card or Biometric (fingerprint)
  • Remove access privileges immediately through the software (lost or stolen fobs)

Advanced Options

Visitor Management

Visitor Management enables the registering of visitors and contractors into the system, assigning them a contact on site and permitting them access to certain areas with a visitor RFID Pass. A great tool for capturing all persons on site for roll call and security purposes.

It is possible to schedule visits into the system, assign them a host and record their presence and departure from site.