PC Clocking System

business-1067978_1920With the Time&Space PC Clocking system employees can record their attendance and departures through their own PC’s. This is an alternate to swiping a fob or biometric clocking option. Employees therefore record their attendance when they are at their PC rather than at a clocking point within the premises.

Employees can register their start and finish times with a click, or even register that they are leaving for a business appointment or Lunch. This solution removes the need for a clocking point and the system, being browser based, is accessible by anyone on the company network and with their login details.

An option is to use the Single Sign On option which means an employee has direct access into the system simply by being logged into their workstation, which can mean one less password to remember and an even more streamlined solution.

If you utilise a flexitime system in you organisation employees will also be given their current flex balance each time they use the system, which removes the need for them to request details from HR or Payroll.

Our PC clocking system is inclusive of installation, configuration and training which means you can start enjoying and utilising the system as soon as you are ready.