Staff Holiday entitlement – Coronavirus Outbreak

With the nation now effectively locked down and many businesses being forced to close their doors they are finding themselves having to find answers to seemingly never ending questions in an incredibly fast moving, and unprecedented situation.

I’m sure many of us could do with a holiday right about now, and there may have been concerns about being able to use, or indeed lose, holiday entitlement.

To aid in the national effort against the Coronavirus outbreak the government is amending rules around Annual Leave in the Working Time Regulations

On Friday 27th March The Government released updated information which effectively relaxes the carry forward rules for unused staff holiday entitlement to two years

All workers who have not been able to take their full allocation of annual holiday entitlement will be able to carry that remaining balance forward forward for 2 years

The regulations will allow up to 4 weeks of unused entitlement to be carried.

As businesses are obligated to ensure their workers take their statutory entitlement of leave, these changes will ensure employers in key industries such as food and healthcare, won’t risk being short staffed as being forced to grant holiday requests would do. The move is expected to help ensure all employers, not just those in the key industries, won’t be short staffed during the crisis.

The changes are being made to the Working Time Regulations which applies to almost all workers including agency and those on zero hours

If you are using our Time and Attendance solutions to manage your holiday entitlement get in touch and we can assist in how to amend the system to manage this change.

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