T&A and Calculating Payroll During Coronavirus Outbreak

As the Coronavirus outbreak deepens and the impact on businesses of all sizes starts to increase we would like to offer our thoughts, advice and assistance to customers worried about being able to calculate payroll from their Time and Attendance System in the event of staff absence.


With Self-isolation increasing and with today’s news that Schools will close for the foreseeable future after Friday 20th, It could become the case that at some point the person running your Time and Attendance System and reporting for Payroll has to be away from the office.


Please find below some practical points to ensure your businesses ability to manage employee working times and payroll is not impacted.

  • Ensure more than one person is aware how to use the system. It is often the case that one employee takes sole responsibility for looking after the Time and Attendance System and the reporting for payroll. Now is the time to start in-house training at least one additional person that is aware how to navigate the system and run the relevant reports. They should also be trained how to use and run your payroll system.

You can also get in touch with us to book in some remote training and ensure you are benefiting from our detailed knowledge. Our training will be suitably geared towards your use of the system so you can be confident in the accuracy of the data.

  • Ensure the system is set up for appropriate absences. Now is the time to ensure you have the system configured to record relevant absences for employees such as Self Isolation or Sickness. These can be configured in line with your companies own procedures and policies. Please get in touch with us if you need any help with this.


  • Remote access. Explore options for granting your users the ability to remotely log on to the system in order to access reports etc. Here you may need to speak to your IT provider about accessing your network.

Your Time and Attendance system also has the ability to be accessed via the web away from the office. Please get in touch with us regarding this. We will also be putting further information out on this option soon.


  • Get in Touch. As part of our support to yourselves it is likely we access to your system. Couple this with our extensive knowledge of your system having configured it with you and we are in a great position to offer assistance if you need us to.


Above all if you just require advice, have a query or looking to change something in the system please get in touch. We are here to help. We have taken all necessary precautions internally so our support to you will be unaffected throughout this unprecedented situation


More importantly in these strange times please look after yourselves and your families



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