Staff Scheduling Made Easy with Permatek


Covid-19 has led to increased absence rates across the workplace and employers need to adapt to the challenges posed.

Home Working, Flexible Working and Staggered Shifts are required to keep staff safe. If you’re using an excel spreadsheet to plan employee schedules  or a free scheduling app you will be finding that it still leaves you with lots of manual work to do. Having an easy to use, feature rich software to manage these new requirements has never been more important. With our Staff Scheduling software you will have the perfect tool to manage your workforce.

Permatek Staff Scheduling Includes: –

  • Departmental Schedule Planner
  • Pool Resources by Temporarily Transferring Staff to other Departments
  • Co-ordinate Absences and Available Employees across a Shared Platform
  • Shared Real-Time Planning View for Management
  • View Total Planned Hours Per Person or Department(s)
  • Unlimited Shifts
  • Absence/Holiday Planner
  • Mobile Interface for Staff
  • Cloud or On-Premise


With our Staff Scheduling System you will be able to manage your workforce as efficiently as possible which will safe you time and money.

Please follow the Link below to see a Video on our Staff Scheduling System

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