Happy New Year! UK Public Holidays 2019

We hope everyone has had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas Break and we wish you all the very best for 2019. If you can’t wait for your next bit of time off, below you will find a list of the UK Public Holidays 2019 New Year’s Holiday: Wednesday 2nd January (Scotland only) St Patrick’s Day: Monday 18th […]

Permatek Staff Holidays

Staff Holidays – Practical Tips on Managing Them

Staff Holidays Staff holidays can be difficult to manage regardless of the size of your organisation. For small business having members of your team missing,  often at crucial times, be difficult to deal with. You may often find yourself required to arrange cover to minimise disruption. For larger organisations, with many more employees to consider, […]

6 Reasons To Update That Old Clock Card Machine

Clock Card Machine systems and Timesheets have been utilised as time recording methods in business for an incredibly long time. In fact many businesses are still utilising these traditional methods to capture and record their employee working times. However there comes a time when these just aren’t up to the job and are having an […]

Wigan’s Amazing FA Cup Run Comes To An End

Wigan’s Extraordinary 2017/18 FA Cup run came to an end last Sunday against Southampton at the DW Stadium After the absolutely incredible result against Manchester City in the previous round, we are sure we can’t have been the only ones dreaming of Wembley glory. It would be fair to say it was still looking quite […]

Flexible Working Time

Just what is Flexible Working?

Flexible Working is a term which is popping up more and more in the media and is  increasingly appearing on the agenda of many businesses. This rise has been particularly notable since the introduction of the Flexible Working Regulations 2014. So just what is Flexible working? Essentially Flexible Working is the deviation away from a set, Full […]

Permatek in the Community – Wigan 10k

A couple of months ago I signed up to run the Wigan 10k race in support of Wigan Youth Zone, a Wigan based charity of which we are patrons. It was an easy decision to run in support of this charity, which relies heavily on support from local businesses. A not quite so easy task […]

Choosing a Time and Attendance System

8 Questions to ask when Choosing a Time and Attendance System

As with many business systems such as HR, Payroll or Warehouse Management choosing a Time and Attendance system can be tricky. There is a huge choice out there. While manual systems such as clock card machines are still available, the use of automated software and hardware is becoming increasingly popular. However, with such a wide choice available on the […]

Permatek in the Community – Wigan Youth Zone

        We are delighted to announce that we are now supporters, and proud Bronze Patrons, of the Wigan Youth Zone. A fun, supportive, safe, and inclusive location for the young people of Wigan to enjoy and benefit from. There is a real commitment by the centre, to give young people as much of an […]

What? National Sickie Day! Really?

Yes Really! There are national days and weeks for all sorts of things these days. Its probably harder to find something that there isn’t a national day for. We’ve got National Pie Week, National Bring your Dog to Work Day, National Christmas Jumper Day and so on. Today, Monday 6th February 2017, is the turn […]

Common misconceptions about Time and Attendance

We speak to many organisations in multiple sectors about our computerised Time and Attendance systems, and we have realised that there seems to be quite a lot of myths or misconceptions about a computerised system that float about.A number of common perceptions keep springing up. We decided that we would give our opinion on these, […]