Permatek in the Community – Wigan 10k

A couple of months ago I signed up to run the Wigan 10k race in support of Wigan Youth Zone, a Wigan based charity of which we are patrons.

It was an easy decision to run in support of this charity, which relies heavily on support from local businesses. A not quite so easy task was getting myself ready to run the distance after years of relative inactivity

The Race – Wigan 10k

Over 3000 runners took to the Wigan streets on Sunday 3rd September at 10.00am. In true northern fashion the rain decided that was the perfect time to start falling. In even truer northern fashion however, it did nothing to dampen spirits or the atmosphere.

The run went quite smoothly, no cramps or falling over 😊, a circuit around the D W Stadium and the Kilometres “soon” went by. Around the 8 – 9 km mark was the toughest for me (slightly uphill), however this was quickly replaced by a renewed energy as the crowds, and finish line, came into view.

Local support, even in the rain, was amazing and very much appreciated. I am sure I am not alone in that.

Great Cause

There were many fantastic charities being supported on the day and we are very happy to say that so far for the Wigan 10k, we have raised well over £300 for Wigan Youth Zone, although this doesn’t need to stop here. If you would still like to contribute to the fundraising please visit our Just Giving page at

On behalf of Permatek, I would like to express my thanks to all those who have donated including some of our amazing customers;


Heather and all @ Morning Foods Ltd (Mornflake)

Louise and all @ B & D Prints Ltd

Margey and all @ Columbus McKinnon

Clare Telford

Jo Cocks

And of course our partners, Enisa and all @ Spica International  


And finally, all family and friends that have also generously donated


We would of course love to hit £400 as a final figure so if you would like to donate then do please visit our fundraising page at

Many thanks to Joining Jack for hosting such a superb Wigan 10k event.


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