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Time and Attendance Systems for Small Businesses

Time and attendance systems for small businesses are like a good accountant………….. Choose the right one and they pay for themselves.

Time and Attendance systems can save businesses lots of time and money when implemented correctly. Here are 4 key tests (RAMS) you should use when looking at time and attendance systems for small businesses:-

  • Reliable – Is the hardware robust and the software stable? This is a must if staff and management are to get on board. Having clocking devices continually breaking down or failing, or software that is slow, or doesn’t give you the results you expected means you staff will lose confidence and trust in it.
  • Adaptability – Can the system be configured to meet your needs? The system must meet your requirements to save you time and money. If you use multiple shifts or nightwork, pay premiums, want to use it for absences or holidays, you need a system which can handle the appropriate calculations.
  • Maintained – Does your supplier have a high level of knowledge and a good support desk? This is essential to ensure the correct configuration is achieved and maintained. Ensure you will get good post install support once your system is in. Yoru supplier should be on hand to help you with any initial queries as you settle down with your new system
  • Scalability – Can the system grow as your requirements grow? The software should be under constant development. Working regulations change. Your business requirements may change. You need to know you have invested in a system that can grow and adapt with your business. 

Satisfying each of these tests is essential to maximise the potential benefits of integrating a staff clocking system into your company or updating a system that is not fit for purpose.  For more information on our time and attendance systems for small businesses please visit our solutions page


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