Working Safely Coronavirus

Social Distancing in the Workplace after Lockdown

Following the Prime Ministers statement, we are seeing the first tentative steps of the UK plans to ease restrictions. People are now being ‘actively encouraged’ to go back to work in situations where they are unable to continue working from home.  Many business sectors, however, such as hospitality and leisure will not be seeing any […]

Employee Self Service | Permatek

6 Benefits of Employee Self Service Systems in Time and Attendance

Employee Self Service is a relatively new requirement in Time and Attendance. Many years ago, timesheets and clock-card systems were the most common method of capturing employee working times. These methods although manual, cumbersome and prone to errors or going missing, were great for one thing. Employees could see their working times recorded in front […]

Working Overtime

What Does Overtime Mean And How’s It Used In The UK

Overtime – A term that is well known across the UK but its not as simple a term as you may first believe. Quite a variety of overtime types and rules are utilised by organisations across the UK. What does overtime mean? Overtime is used to describe hours worked by an employee which go above those […]

Flexible Working Practices

4 Common Flexible Working Practices For Your Business

As flexible working is set to become the norm within organisations across the UK we have found that many businesses aren’t fully aware of the types of flexible working practices available to them. The variety available gives options and benefits to both employees and employers in all industries Here we seek to give a little […]

6 Reasons To Update That Old Clock Card Machine

Clock Card Machine systems and Timesheets have been utilised as time recording methods in business for an incredibly long time. In fact many businesses are still utilising these traditional methods to capture and record their employee working times. However there comes a time when these just aren’t up to the job and are having an […]

Flexible Working Time

Just what is Flexible Working?

Flexible Working is a term which is popping up more and more in the media and is  increasingly appearing on the agenda of many businesses. This rise has been particularly notable since the introduction of the Flexible Working Regulations 2014. So just what is Flexible working? Essentially Flexible Working is the deviation away from a set, Full […]

Choosing a Time and Attendance System

8 Questions to ask when Choosing a Time and Attendance System

As with many business systems such as HR, Payroll or Warehouse Management choosing a Time and Attendance system can be tricky. There is a huge choice out there. While manual systems such as clock card machines are still available, the use of automated software and hardware is becoming increasingly popular. However, with such a wide choice available on the […]