Permatek has been built on a foundation of technical time and attendance expertise. We pride ourselves on our ability to not only provide feature rich, modern clocking in systems but also ensure that the system we supply to you has been configured to your exact requirements.


From the moment we meet we take the time to understand your business, your frustrations with your current time and attendance methods and discuss your own requirements. We then tailor our solutions and what we can offer to meet and exceed your expectations. It’s never a ‘yes we can do that’ unless it’s a ‘yes we can do that’. We always look to prove our solutions prior to your decision


Once your system has been installed you will receive excellent post installation support, including personalised time on site in the first few weeks as you settle down with your new system. Once you are settled with your new clocking in system you can be assured of speedy response times should have any queries.



Our Partnerships


We have a built an excellent, partnership with Spica International , a leading developer and supplier of Workforce Management Solutions, based in Slovenia. We are Spica International’s UK supplier, installer, and integrator of the Time&Space Time and Attendance Solution in the United Kingdom. Indeed it was Permatek that took the Time&Space product to the UK Market and we are proud to have done so, giving it its rightful place as one of the premier Time and Attendance solutions in the UK.

With our expertise in the UK time and attendance market, and Spica’s forward thinking, positive, approach we are helping to ensure a constantly developing system adapts, and grows, to meet the often tough requirements here in the UK.